Sunday, November 22, 2009

And one final one for today!

As you can see I've have been working on thing! Yay instead of being a lazy bum! So here is something was shown before as a line drawing but now I finally had the time to finish it as a value and throw some texture into this gear world on mine! Thanks to cliff which help me on some digital painting things this peice turned out finally! Next maybe more color! Maybe....

The bad guys!

So here is another assignment for this awesome illustration class! Here is prior vincents evil lar! Thanks to all the help on the character design from a friend this turn out to be a really awesome project, now to the value and coloring part of this! enjoy!

Besides books!

So besides working on books and doing crazy ideas here a illustration I had to do for my advance illustration class. This is probably the funiest class I've had since its based on a real studio crew and also work environment! This class had field trip that made us eat venison to shooting bows and arrows to figure out how to draw them realisticly. Plus there are amazing artist in the class that end up inspiring everyone! Bytheway this is based on the book from Howard Pyle's Robin Hood!

This is a environment scene of the Blue Boar inn.

Monopoly book

This is a case bound book, I ended up doing another funky idea that came to my mine. It going to be used as a perfect sketch book for environments and so forth! I grew up playing with monopoly so I thought it was a interesting idea to do!

The book of record

I found out that the book arts class helped me to think of crazy ideas that I want to try or end up doing! Here is a book with a crazy idea of mine! This is a record book made from stab binding! Super Fun!

The coptic

This is the coptic book we learned how to make from class also, it was really fun considering how most of it was sewing and making it look cool!

Purse book inside

This is the second book we had to make for this book arts class and it. Made from mohawk paper and with leather outside, with a buckle latch on the front!

Getting it back!

So I have been so busy this semester of my school life that I haven't had the time to post all the things that I've worked on. I feel bad for those of you that even remotely check out my blog considering how there was no changes whatsoever this past couple of months. I have to say I really am terrible at keeping and updating my blogs. But here you go something new! This is a book that I made from my book arts class. Books art is my new hobby now!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Two post in a day?

I know it's pretty unheard for posting two images in a day of course considering I rarely update my blog that much. I'm just on a blogging high! So here is a sketch of what I'm planning on working on next. After valueing it out and putting color in it, I'm hoping it turn out like how I imagined it. I really like the idea of having something really eerie and also really beautiful at the same time. And to some of you it's probably just creepy, but to me there's something mesmerizing about images like that. So here is my nerdy sci-fi image of a test tube baby! Go Nerds! Bytheway any suggestions on changing anything before values and coloring would be really really helpful! Thanks!


So here is a study I been working on. Knowing that usually I have really dull colors with my skin tone aka died people colors, I decided to look at other artist more colorful and study them out. Hopefully these colors stand out on other computers, because I've noticed that my lap top shows things brighter than other computers. And "Aarrrgh!"

Monday, July 27, 2009

A doodle

Considering I've always been really lazy with my blog I guess it's time to put something up! So here is something alot different then the most painting styles that I've done. I saw some of this technic on a tutorial that I came upon and thought to try it out. So here's a Sketch or a doodle or whatever you want to call it. Mainly it was my thought of a really crappy school teacher that makes every student miserable, I've had my fair share of those teachers!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Allliiiivvveee!

Some of you probably think Rays went off the planet once again and never return or possibly had a stroke and past on.  Well for those of you that had that thought you were right! haha.....  Ok maybe not a strok more brain died then anything else.  well to make it up to you people's that actually still look at my blog which is a whole whopping two people that I could think of.  Here it is.  this piece was digital, I'm still finish it to the more refine stages of it, and thought you guys might want to see it, so be as critical as you like.  So far I've gotten the comments of it looks like iron-man, or its that a android, but it a robot.  Bytheway some of the colors didn't show up the way that I wanted to on other computers, it's either too dark or too grey down in my colors. Sad, but I'll fix that in the end! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The step mom that I got adopted into. Yicks!

Like most evil step mom villains the step always have to turn into some type of dragon or some sort of saurious.  And this would be true too with my stalker, "the flesh-eating dragonmaster of troth." Considering how all the step moms have such bad reps, I guess I better justify Paula's case!  You see in todays perception the word Evil = Good.  So there you go thats as deep as I go in thinking.  Pretty deep as you can see. haha. right.   Well here is a quick day study piece for re learning gouche and ink again, and this didn't turn out too bad.  It just a pretty girl, what can I say I like girls!  

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Feeding the "flesh-eating dragonmaster of troth" granny!

I guess this is what I get for creating a facebook account for a mom.... well so much for that prank...... So here is the other one from the same class, but I have to say this one has been my favorite out of the whole class! This one is a 2 pt perspective out door exterior of a environment scene. I had a lot of response as to it been like aladdin or the never ending story of the giant turtle, but it was non of the above, it was just a lost and lonesome giantantic sea turtle!

For the unidenified stranger!

Well, considering how I have this mysterious stranger pestering me about not keeping up with my blog, I'm going to have to assume that this unidenified gramma, is the famous Paula! So considering how I've been a embrassment and have been sucking at my post like the many times she has mentioned to me; I guess I'll just have to make up for the past weeks things by posting at least two things up! On top of that I have this supposely "flesh-eating dragonmaster of troth" biting at the end of my butt doesn't help either.... so I guess I better feed it some or this monster granny might just get too hungry and bite my bum off..... So here it is even though some of you might have seen these already!

Bytheway this first one is a 3 pt perspective of a underground city if you didn't know! This one was another assignment for the creative perspective class in which was amazingly fun!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just a sketch

So to keep up with my so what goal I thought to put up a old sketch that I'm working to develop into a painted final!  It's nothing amazing but I like the feel of the sketch!  Well just picture cool gears in the back and mechanical birds makes this thing seems a lot more fun!  Besides the typical idaho saloon hair!  I think suggestions for clothing colors or other things would be awesome! 

For peeps

So I was talking to a couple of friends of mine, and they so told me..... about sucking at blogs.  Well what do you know?  One of my great talents of many is sucking at keeping in touch with anyone or anything to write about.....wait I think the sucking in general!   Well here is something that is half finished that I'm trying to better my photoshop skills!  So hopefully I'll do more blogging and post more thinks up even though it might not be all finished...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fable room

Well this was one of my first assignments for creative perspective class!  It was a one point perspective drawing of a room in which we are suppose to create.  It was really fun!  I decided that I really like the scary feel!  What can I say, I'm a scary guy...... in the not bad way of course.  Hope you guys like this!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blog about....What?

So here it is!  The other blog spot that I've came up with for all of you peoples to see!  Exciting huh.....  Well in case you were wondering how to say the title of this blog or try to pronounce it let me help you all.  Instead of pronouncing the word Hei as (Hi)  It actually pronounced as (hey) !  Just like I can't read due to looking at picture books most of my life this might just help you all, wait, I forgot you can't read! ha!