Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just a sketch

So to keep up with my so what goal I thought to put up a old sketch that I'm working to develop into a painted final!  It's nothing amazing but I like the feel of the sketch!  Well just picture cool gears in the back and mechanical birds makes this thing seems a lot more fun!  Besides the typical idaho saloon hair!  I think suggestions for clothing colors or other things would be awesome! 


  1. okay rei hay: did you notice the date on this last post? may TWO?? it is now may TWENTY-THREE. i don't think depriving your audience for THREE WEEKS is timely posting. rude. give me something to gander at at least once a week. not too much to ask, is it???

  2. embarrassment. i set up my original google account to view grandchildren photos thus the name. kind of takes away the scalding hipster tongue-lashing when it posts as "gramma buh". sigh. okay pretend the last post was from the "flesh-eating dragonmaster of troth." doesn't that up the ante for wanting to see your amazing art??? i'm assuming you know who this is and i don't have to commit my actual name to this missive...