Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The step mom that I got adopted into. Yicks!

Like most evil step mom villains the step always have to turn into some type of dragon or some sort of saurious.  And this would be true too with my stalker, "the flesh-eating dragonmaster of troth." Considering how all the step moms have such bad reps, I guess I better justify Paula's case!  You see in todays perception the word Evil = Good.  So there you go thats as deep as I go in thinking.  Pretty deep as you can see. haha. right.   Well here is a quick day study piece for re learning gouche and ink again, and this didn't turn out too bad.  It just a pretty girl, what can I say I like girls!  


  1. evil step mom here: that's evil step mom-a-saurus, duh. another awesome selection from my asian boy wonder artist! good job with the pretty girl. but is she disguised as a pretty girl when in actuality another flesh-eating dragon?? you never know with pretty girls. you have to actually talk to them with your wit and humor and make them laugh: if they laugh appropriately, they are the right sort of girls. no laughs or inappropriate laughs, run far, far away because they are flesh-eaters. i'm just sayin'. so your painting? i think i see a hint of dragon...

  2. so all i have to do in order to turn into a dragon is become some kind of step-relation? intriguing...