Monday, July 27, 2009

A doodle

Considering I've always been really lazy with my blog I guess it's time to put something up! So here is something alot different then the most painting styles that I've done. I saw some of this technic on a tutorial that I came upon and thought to try it out. So here's a Sketch or a doodle or whatever you want to call it. Mainly it was my thought of a really crappy school teacher that makes every student miserable, I've had my fair share of those teachers!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Allliiiivvveee!

Some of you probably think Rays went off the planet once again and never return or possibly had a stroke and past on.  Well for those of you that had that thought you were right! haha.....  Ok maybe not a strok more brain died then anything else.  well to make it up to you people's that actually still look at my blog which is a whole whopping two people that I could think of.  Here it is.  this piece was digital, I'm still finish it to the more refine stages of it, and thought you guys might want to see it, so be as critical as you like.  So far I've gotten the comments of it looks like iron-man, or its that a android, but it a robot.  Bytheway some of the colors didn't show up the way that I wanted to on other computers, it's either too dark or too grey down in my colors. Sad, but I'll fix that in the end!