Monday, August 17, 2009

Two post in a day?

I know it's pretty unheard for posting two images in a day of course considering I rarely update my blog that much. I'm just on a blogging high! So here is a sketch of what I'm planning on working on next. After valueing it out and putting color in it, I'm hoping it turn out like how I imagined it. I really like the idea of having something really eerie and also really beautiful at the same time. And to some of you it's probably just creepy, but to me there's something mesmerizing about images like that. So here is my nerdy sci-fi image of a test tube baby! Go Nerds! Bytheway any suggestions on changing anything before values and coloring would be really really helpful! Thanks!


So here is a study I been working on. Knowing that usually I have really dull colors with my skin tone aka died people colors, I decided to look at other artist more colorful and study them out. Hopefully these colors stand out on other computers, because I've noticed that my lap top shows things brighter than other computers. And "Aarrrgh!"