Sunday, November 22, 2009

And one final one for today!

As you can see I've have been working on thing! Yay instead of being a lazy bum! So here is something was shown before as a line drawing but now I finally had the time to finish it as a value and throw some texture into this gear world on mine! Thanks to cliff which help me on some digital painting things this peice turned out finally! Next maybe more color! Maybe....

The bad guys!

So here is another assignment for this awesome illustration class! Here is prior vincents evil lar! Thanks to all the help on the character design from a friend this turn out to be a really awesome project, now to the value and coloring part of this! enjoy!

Besides books!

So besides working on books and doing crazy ideas here a illustration I had to do for my advance illustration class. This is probably the funiest class I've had since its based on a real studio crew and also work environment! This class had field trip that made us eat venison to shooting bows and arrows to figure out how to draw them realisticly. Plus there are amazing artist in the class that end up inspiring everyone! Bytheway this is based on the book from Howard Pyle's Robin Hood!

This is a environment scene of the Blue Boar inn.

Monopoly book

This is a case bound book, I ended up doing another funky idea that came to my mine. It going to be used as a perfect sketch book for environments and so forth! I grew up playing with monopoly so I thought it was a interesting idea to do!

The book of record

I found out that the book arts class helped me to think of crazy ideas that I want to try or end up doing! Here is a book with a crazy idea of mine! This is a record book made from stab binding! Super Fun!

The coptic

This is the coptic book we learned how to make from class also, it was really fun considering how most of it was sewing and making it look cool!

Purse book inside

This is the second book we had to make for this book arts class and it. Made from mohawk paper and with leather outside, with a buckle latch on the front!

Getting it back!

So I have been so busy this semester of my school life that I haven't had the time to post all the things that I've worked on. I feel bad for those of you that even remotely check out my blog considering how there was no changes whatsoever this past couple of months. I have to say I really am terrible at keeping and updating my blogs. But here you go something new! This is a book that I made from my book arts class. Books art is my new hobby now!