Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Previously in Ray's art life, the story of the Monkey King illustrations were killing him slowly... bah.  But now, thanks to a more interesting story, Ray has been rejuvenated from his withering state and evaporated into the "Ray" once more!  I haven't done comic book style in a while so going back to my roots!  This image is based on the comics that I'm coming up with, along with the help of my friend Cassie!  So Skykraken and flying airships!  Yay!     


  1. Ray,

    Looks great buddy. Love the color a lot , and the line work makes it all hold together. If It were mine I would probably add another tenticle or two that sweep in the foreground to add some more tension to the piece. It kinda seems like he is just hitchin a ride. But Love the concept. Great work.

  2. The values and colors are working much better! I like it!

  3. I agree with mr. Brown Because it is breaking format on the left, it would be nice to see some breaking it on the bottom as well so that negative space wasn't so isolated. I like it though. the greens, and oranges with the subtle brownish/maroon work well together. :)