Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I saw this image on another computer monitor and man you the values were all messed up. Time to lighten it so other could see it better! Even though some of the values are now going to be off... I hope it's better!

I recently looked at my blog and thought to myself. "man there is a lot of crappy unfinished art on this blog..." So I decided it's time to get rid of some of the recently crap-o-logs and get a new resolution of putting things up that are more refined! Here is something a little more professional for those of you all who actually check on my blog still.

A some what run down cave city that was once cool place to be and you can imagine what those travelers are doing!


  1. Thanks that made a big difference on my monitor. Its really epic. There is so much to see. I mean you have an obvious focal point, but there still lots of other things to hold my interest. Good job! Let us know when your BFA show is so, we can come!!!

  2. Awesome!
    love the mood! Also just letting you know someone is still checking your blog