Tuesday, August 30, 2011

cellar door

I refined it up a little more. A piece I decided to work on for gnomon contest.... we'll see if it gets me anywhere.


  1. You asked for it.....

    Firstly: Color. The majority of the piece is warm and inviting, so its a shock when you discover the scary snake over the cellar door. But the light cool pink flowers are distracting me from your focal points (the characters). I think they need to be warmer. The one under the bridge is especially neon. (I think that one could be replaced with a clump of grass.)

    Secondly: Lighting. A wee bit inconsistent. The direction is pretty consistant, but everything has a soft edge. The log, and the characters should cast a hard shadow on the ground and mushrooms. Also the light under the log should be warm. Because its soo coold under there compared to everything else I keep looking there. If you want to use temperature, make the characters a cool green instead of warm, and they will really pop.
    Oh. If your characters are back lit, they should be a little darker with some rim light.

    that Big bloom. See how the stemmy things come out of it. They are exactly the same length. It bugs me. Could you make one a little shorter? Another flower would look nice to the right of the Big bloomed one... if you wanted.

    Okay. That's all I got. Merry Christmas.